5 Ways To Change Standard User To Administrator In Windows 10

Click the user account that you want to change the password for. Finally, just select the account type under Administrator. To set the changes, just click on Change Account Type. At the command prompt, type net user administrator. The value for Account Active should say No . From the drop-down window, select “Administrator” and select “OK.” Or, select “Standard user” to remove administrator rights from an account that has them.

  • Type “Administrators” in the text field and select the “OK” button.
  • You will see this option pop up when you click on a user account.
  • For example, if you’re handing over the device to someone else, or you want to add someone else as an administrator and become a Standard user yourself.
  • Then click on Yes to remove forgotten Windows 10 administrator password.

Repeat these steps for every user account you want to change. However, make sure that you always have access at least one user with Administrator privileges. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make changes later. Then select Change account type.

Control Panel

You can change a user account type by opening Control Panel, clicking on Change account type, and selecting the user you want to choose as an administrator. Finally, confirm the change by selecting Change Account Type, and your changes will be saved. Click OK and reboot Windows 10 to take effect.

With the bootable USB plugged in, restart your computer. When your system is loading back up, before the Windows logo appears, wait for the message about pressing a key to select Boot Device. Another way to change a user to administrator is through User Accounts . The selected account will now have https://driversol.com/dll/vcomp140_dll administrator privileges. As the name explains, the built-in Administrator account has administrative rights.

Change Administrator In Windows 11 Via Powershell

The option appears when you click on Properties of the chosen user. When prompted, authorize this link-up, and your administrator account email address is now changed. PressWin+R to open the RUN box, type in ‘control panel’, and press Enter. In case you’re giving admin rights to an account that uses a Microsoft account, type in only the first five letters of the email address. This is because Windows registers only the five letters of email address as the user’s name.

To Change Your Administrator Email In Windows 10, You’ll Need To Use A Workaround

This is especially true in Windows 10 if you’ve linked the administrator account to Microsoft account. Administrator account can access almost all settings, documents and apps on your Windows 10. The standard users only have the limited access. One user cannot access the documents created by other users. What should be the differences between administrator account and standard user account? When you need to change administrator on Windows 10, you can learn more about the differences as below.

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